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Associate producer: Katrine A. Sahlstrøm

Production company: Moving Documentary


Jacob Nossell (24) is intelligent, but hardly fits the picture of a dream child: he suffers from a paralysis of the brain, a congenital physical handicap. It affects not only his powers of speech, but also causes cramps and stiffness. When he speaks, his words cluster together, and when he walks it is with difficulty. With a normal intelligence in a weakened body Jacob is the embodiment of the problem 'what is normality': He is too much of an invalid to be fully accepted by society and too ordinary for him to be able to accept his own fate.

That is why Jacob has decided to try re-defining the concept of 'normality', as perceived by most people and will investigate and challenge the concept of normality in modern society. The film will witness Jacob's dilemmas in the course of the process and will enter his most personal thoughts in order to highlight the ethical dilemmas with regard to our intervention in human evolution.

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