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Directed by Christian Holten Bonke

Associate producer: Katrine A. Sahlstrøm

Produced by Bonke Film


With his 'dirty realism' Jakob Ejersbo has become a landmark in Danish literature. His apt characterization of young people without footing, realizing their parents being egotistic assholes, brings him forward. In 2003 Ejersbo receives one of the most prestigious prizes, the Golden Laurels, for his first novel, Nordkraft. The committee surrenders: "Your talent is so great and irresistible, there is no reason to wait for more novels before handing you the prize". Five years later Ejersbo is dead.

Now, five years after his death, two of his best friends are defying their daily 20 cigarettes, while fighting their way up the Kilimanjaro; their mission is to reach the top, where they secretly can spread the ashes of their dear friend.

On this journey the film portrays the author, who always had Africa in his blood.

His whole life he wanted to write and enlighten about the Africa he knew and loved, but he never got to see the publication of his monumental piece, a trilogy about Africa.

Through his closest friends, family and colleagues, "Ejersbo" clarifies whom this mysterious, determined and extraordinary human being was.


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