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Making a Mountain


Directed by Rikke Selin Fokdal and

Kaspar Astrup Schröder | Good Company Pictures

The Danish architect firm BIG has designed Amager Bakke: An 85-meter-high human-made mountain, which is to be both the world’s best and most environmentally friendly energy plant and at the same time an architectonic building with a ski-slope and a chimney on top which blows out a smoke ring every time a ton of CO2 is lead out.

Before even starting any actual construction, Amager Bakke is named out to be a prestige building. A showcase. But it turns out that the high ambitions will be difficult to realize. 

In MAKING A MOUNTAIN, we follow the star architects in BIG, the singing constructor, a smith in a blue kettle-suit and a Swedish chaos pilot.  We see them through their ups and downs:  From popping champagne at the architect competition in 2011 to the opening of Amager Bakke in 2018.

It is the story of our trash, challenges and dreams. A story of people, who each fight for what they believe in, but in the end, is completely dependent on each other to succeed.