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Directed by Camilla Arlien and Ida Mathilde Karlsson

Produced by Maria Helga Stürup

The project is funded by Ensomme Gamles Værn

Located in a basement in the center of Copenhagen, Cafe Malmø is where pub owner Ole provides a space for those who don't fit in elsewhere — the beloved regulars. The pub is their second home, and the other regulars are their family. At Cafe Malmø, there's fun and mischief, but also a sense of seriousness. Many know what it's like to lose, to struggle with addiction, and to feel lonely. The pub serves as a refuge for many regulars — a pause and a safe space where they aren't insignificant but have a role to play. A place to go every day where someone watches over whether they live or die.


However, when a pandemic shuts down the beloved cafe, Ole and his regulars face isolation, personal struggles, and the void left by their beloved second home. Through their individual journeys, from 87-year-old Lissi's battle against loneliness to former millionaire Kristian's unraveling, and Ole's struggle to preserve his identity tied to the cafe, the film explores the profound impact of losing a sense of belonging. 


As they navigate through the pandemic while longing for the cafe's reopening, they discover it's not just the pub they miss, but the deep connections they've cultivated. 


 "THE REGULARS" is a touching portrayal of resilience, friendship, and the irreplaceable value of human connection during challenging times. 

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