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Directed by Petter Aaberg & Sverre Kvamme 

Co-produced by Patricia Drati 

Following a suicide attempt, Petter gets help from his best friend, Sverre, to get back on his feet. Petter is in a difficult place. Now his plan is to get his thoughts into positive paths by making a movie.


Petter and Sverre go out into the streets of Oslo in search of "real feelings" they can document with the camera. With a spontaneous and assertive approach, they meet more people, and end up in puzzling situations in their search for characters who eventually become part of their documentary.

Petter wants to film and observe people who are, like him, struggling with mental issues and he learns from them sharing their stories, as he identifies in the self-doubt and chaos that they experience.

They are confronted with panic attacks, overdoses and stories of suicide attempts. Petter´s fragile psyche gets further destabilized and his relationship with Sverre is put to a test.


But all is not lost. Petter and Sverre allow us to participate in the good experiences and dreams for a better future. Petter meets Miriam, the first person to love him for who he is. Petter is now ready to face his demons and overcoming his fears by going back to the bridge which nearly costed his life a year earlier. Equipped with new knowledge and experiences - will he find redemption?

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